Logistics spins to Asia, Opportunities for Vietnamese Enterprises

Public at: 15/06/2018 01:14:11

The average annual growth rate of logistics in Vietnam is 14-16%, which is one of the services of sustainable growth. The logistics of the world to rotate to Asia is a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to break through. The global logistics market has averaged $ 8 trillion a year in the past two years, or about 11 percent of the world's GDP. By 2017, the market value is estimated at $ 9 trillion, of which Ceva Logistics, DHL, FedEx and UPS account for 15% of global revenue.

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Logistics spins to Asia, opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises

With global logistics moving sharply towards developing markets in Asia, the war in the region has been intense and hot in early 2018, especially in Southeast Asia. Typically Amazon launches day delivery service in Singapore, marking the breakthrough of the American giant when attacking the new potential market. Meanwhile, Alibaba of China has completed the M & A deal with Lazada Vietnam to expand its service to the 23 million people in the region.
In early 2018, one of Vietnam's largest online shopping sites - Tiki has been invested $ 44 million by Internet giant JD.com. Warburg Pincus also shook hands with Becamex IDC to set up a BW real estate venture to develop logistics and industrial real estate.

Vietnamese businesses take the opportunity!
Online retail development is leveraging the growth of logistics businesses in Vietnam in the coming time. According to World Bank (WB), Vietnam is ranked 64/60 countries in the level of logistics development with the development rate of about 14-16%, the scale of about 40 - 42 billion USD / year and ranked 4th in ASEAN after Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Internal logistics enterprises currently account for only about 20% of the market share, focusing mainly on forwarding services, warehousing and customs clearance.

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Vietnam with great potential for logistics development

Attempting to link up is also the topic emphasized by internal logistics enterprises in the meetings. In order to grow and change the world's evaluation of logistics capacity in Vietnam, enterprises should jointly work out optimal solutions, especially transport solutions in industrial parks and service areas. FDI factory. In this context, JLL, the independent research and consulting arm of the UK, says new breakthroughs in technology will be key to meeting the growing demand for Asia-Pacific deliveries. in general and in Vietnam in particular.

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