Benefits of investing in HIPC?

Always the pioneer in attracting investors to the key industries of HCMC, HIPC has become the destination of domestic nd international investors for more than 20 years. Advantages of investing in HIPC:
1. Strategic location, convenient traffic:
One of the competitive advantages of HIPC is the location is very close to HCMC (located at Long Thoi and Hiep Phuoc town, Nha Be district), 18 km away from HCMC center, 25 km away from Tan Son Nhat international airport. Especially only 15km away from the new urban city Phu My Hung which is the second large economic and financial center of HCMC. 

2. Inner international ports:
The biggest difference between HIPC and other industrial parks is the sea port system within the location which is a part of the national road traffic axis, national high speed roads, domestic and international traffic systems; HIPC is the hub for economic transport not only for HCMC but also the typical economic zone in the South and the Mekong Delta area. The sea ports in HIPC connect to domestic and international waterway system through Long Tau and Soai Rap rivers to go overseas, and through Vam Co river to Mekong river system which can lead to Mekong Delta area and Cambodia.

3. Products, services, utilities are more and more diversified:
Another advantage which attracts investors to HIPC is supporting products including lands for rent, built-in factories, and customized factories. And full of supporting services of juridical procedures, recruitment... to help investors to start operating as soon as possible.
Especially HIPC is the only industrial park in HCMC which has natural gas station flowed from Vung Tau to supply electricity factory in Hiep Phuoc and customers in HIPC.       

How are infrastructure, utilities, and services of HIPC?

1. Infrastructure: HIPC offers available utilities, technical and social infrastructure to ensure investors's demands.
* Sea ports: there are three international sea ports in HIPC: Saigon Premier Container Terminal (SPCT), Saigon - Hiep Phuoc port, Tan Cang - Hiep Phuoc port. With inner international ports and custom service at HIPC, investors has no concern about inport and export activities.
* Electricity: HIPC has two high voltage substations 110 KV/22KV to supply 24/24 to operation and production.
* Telecom: telecome services are provided by HIPC in association with VNPT and other telecom companies.
* Water: water supply system spreads the grid to every corner of the location to serve all factories, the capacity of the entire system is up to 40,000 - 45,000 m3/day under Vietnamese standard issued by the health ministry (QCVN 01:2009/BYT)
* Gas: low pressure gas supply from Petro Vietnam (PVGAS D) has been used since 2015 to serve customers in HIPC, which contributes to the local economy.
* Wastewater treament: the centralized wastewater treatment system collects wastewater from all factories within HIPC and implement the treatment to achieve appropriate standard. The capacity of the system is 18,000/m3/day.
* Traffic: The street in HIPC has 8 lanes, width 60 metters. The internal traffic system connects directly to the South-North route of HCMC with eight lanes.
* HIPC also provides services to employees and investors such as housing, clinic center, banking, ATMs, kindergarten, supermarket, recreation center, sport center, training school, security, fire fighting and prevention...
More details:

2. Services: In order to fulfill investors' requirements, HIPC offers both complimentary and charged services which always bring convenience for sustainable development, including: law consultancy, recruitment and training, legal procedure support, IT maintenance, industrial catering, health examination, office for rent, event organizing, tariff declaration...
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How to register investing in HIPC?

Investors can contact directly to HIPC staff via email or hotline +84 28 3780 0345 to have support through phone, email and arrage appointment.
Contact HIPC:

How long is the process of investment registration? How much do I have to pay for the investment license?

HIPC offers complimentary consultancy and support to investors to register investment license for their projects. The duration of this procedure is 15 days after the full eligible documentation is submitted. Investors do not have to pay for this process.

How large are the maximum and minimum area? and how long is the rental duration at HIPC?

Depend on the demand for land usage, HIPC will offer appropriate areas. The current minimum area for rent is 5,000 m2.  

What are other fees and charges investors have to pay beside the land rents during the operating period in HIPC?

Beside land rents, investors have to pay utilities fee to suppliers (wastewater treatment, water, electricity, industrial gas) and the infrastructure maintenance fee (USD0.64/m2/year).

Any other services beside lands for rent in HIPC?

Beside lands for rent, HIPC also offers diversified services to satisfy investors' demands such as: built-in factories for rent, customized factories for rent.
Details of products: 

Furthermore, investors in HIPC are provided services and infrastructure utilities as requested. 
More details about services and utilities at: 
- Utilities:
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How long is the duration of land rental in HIPC?

The duration of land rental in stage 2 at HIPC is until 23 Sep 2058. 

What are top industries which are invested the most in HIPC?

According to the general policy of the government, top priority industries are:
  • Microelectronics, optoelectronics, IT, telecom.
  • Precision engineering and automatic, robotic engineering.
  • Biotechnology applied in agriculture, medical, and environment.
  • New materials, nano technology, new energy.
HIPC can satisfy demands of both domestic and international investors. Please contact us for support:

Is the land deed issued for rental lands? What requirements needed?

The book deed is issued for investors in HIPC after 100% rental fee is completely paid.

Can investors transfer retal lands in HIPC?

Investors have the right to transfer the retal land ownership at HIPC. Management fee is USD 3/m2 

When does the handover complete? When can the construction start?

After 50% amount of rental is finished, the land handover will occur. And after finishing procedure and handover, investors can start construction licensing.  

Source: Sales & Marketing Department
Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock Company

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