Event organization for the company is the way investors in the Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park in particular and all other business investors in general, promote the brand image of the company to many customers, is a way to connect feelings between employees in the corporate unity and understand the company more.
Dịch vụ tổ chức sự kiện tại KCN Hiệp Phước
Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park provides event services for investors in industrial zones
Complying with the investors, Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock Company, in addition to supporting investment advisory services, office leasing ..., we also stand side by side with investors in organizing the event. company. Provide staffing events and professional event equipment, ensuring customer satisfaction. Event packages for customers, including:
  • Holding conference - customer gratitude
  • New Year's Eve Party
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Organizing the event to establish the company
  • Event on request We supply professionl event organizers and facilities to ensure customers' satisfaction. 
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Source: Sales & Marketing Department
Hiep Phuoc Industrial Park Joint Stock Company